Attention Parents: Message from Mrs. Bilski, High School School Nurse

Attention Parents: Message from Mrs. Bilski, High School School Nurse


Please see the following requirements for next school year per Mrs. Bilski, School Nurse. Information can be faxed to 570-281-7170.

Students Entering 7th Grade: Please send your child’s state-mandated immunization record and school physical forms to the nurse. Students in 7th grade require the following immunizations to enter the high school: TDAP and MCV#1 (meningitis).

Students Entering 11th Grade: Juniors require state-mandated physical and MCV#2. These forms will be mailed to each student with their report cards this month. Please send your child’s completed forms and immunization records when completed during the school year, which should be submitted by the end of 11th grade.

Students Entering 12th Grade: All seniors are required BY THE FIRST DAY of 12th grade to have sent into the nurse their completed 11th grade physical form and vaccine record (with MCV#2).

All Students in Grades 7-12: Any student that has had the Covid -19 vaccine may send those to the nurse.

Thank You for your ongoing support in keeping our children healthy!

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