Attention Students: Free College Tuition and Scholarship Opportunities for McDonald’s Employees

Attention Students: Free College Tuition and Scholarship Opportunities for McDonald’s Employees


McDonald’s Post-Secondary Education Benefits:

Here are some details about the different opportunities for students at McDonald’s!

Free tuition at Lackawanna College for an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree

    • Students will need to work 16 hours per week and maintain a 2.7 GPA.   This is available after 90 days of employment.
    • Students will need to apply at Lackawanna, then complete their FAFSA.  Then they will be eligible for McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity Scholarship program.   Finally,  Mueller Family McDonald’s will cover any remaining balance.
  • Scholarships available for Keystone College and Luzerne County Community College as well in the amount of $2500 for a student majoring in a hospitality, business, or technology related field.  Typically this scholarship gets divided among several employees.
  • Tuition assistance available through McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity program for ALL accredited colleges.   The dollar amount is $2500 for a Crew Person and $3000 for a manager.  They can receive this assistance annually.
  • Textbook Reimbursement:  After the 1st year of employment, employees are eligible for 25% reimbursement from the cost of their textbooks.  After two years, this amount increases to 50%, three years 75%, and after four years, they are 100% reimbursed.   This means that if a high school sophomore were to join us, by the time they are a sophomore in college, their textbooks would be completely free in addition to all of the other great benefits.
  • We also offer low to no cost tuition through Colorado Technical University for students seeking a fully online program.
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