CA Golf Hosts Senior Night and Faculty-Student Match
Senior Golf Team members are honored in a ceremony prior to the Faculty-Student matchup. Kyle Perri is on the left, escorted by his parents Jim and Debbie Perri. Ashton Arthur is on the right, escorted by his father Jason Arthur.

CA Golf Hosts Senior Night and Faculty-Student Match


The Carbondale Area Golf Team honored seniors Kyle Perri and Ashton Arthur at Panorama Golf Course, their home golf course, in a Senior Night ceremony. After the ceremony, teams consisting of two faculty members and two students each faced off in the 2021 Faculty/Student Open Golf Championship.

The seniors and their families are flanked by the golf team and faculty members during the ceremony.


Coach Kielar poses for a picture with the two seniors. Coach Kielar and the Carbondale Area School District thanks them for their involvement with the golf team and wishes them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Congratulations to the winners- the team consisting of Matthew Totsky, Jacob Berg, Mr. Barnett, and Mr. Perri won with a score of 1 under par! Just in case you missed the television coverage on ESPN 8 “The Ocho,” Matthew and Jacob were outstanding and creative in their shot shaping abilities. The thousands of fans lining each hole could tell all of the practice that Mr. Barnett put in preparing for the event but at the end of the day, it was Mr. Perri’s clutch putting that sealed the deal and clinched the championship for the team by 1 stroke. It was Mr. Perri’s putt that held off the second place team of Megan Cosklo, Brycen Kelly, Mr. Lasavage and Coach Kielar.

Faculty members and students who took part in the 2021 Faculty/Student Open Golf Championship are as follows: Front row (left to right): Coach Kielar, Preston Casey, Jacob Berg, and Mr. Foote. Back row (left to right): Ms. Masco, Mr. Perri, Mrs. Warhola, Megan Cosklo, Mr. Borosky, Matthew Totsky, Bryan Salitsky, Mr. Barnett, Brycen Kelly, Kyle Perri, Ashton Arthur, and Mr. Lasavage.

“I enjoyed participating in a great CA tradition and am very pleased with the job of our coach over the year,” noted Kyle Perri.

Ashton Arthur was also very pleased with the senior night event. “I am very grateful that I was able to participate in this match, especially since Mr. Foote was my partner,” he explained. Ashton was referring to Mr. Foote’s stellar performance with just three clubs and the way he carried his team of Ashton Arthur, Bryan Salitsky, and Mrs. Warhola in the Captain and Crew format.

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