CA Students Participate in NEPA Girls in STEM Competition
Pictured left to right is the High School Girls in STEM team: Miss Miss Samantha Masco, Advisor, Megan Zavislak, Brooke Burns, Emma Vinola, Lily Thornton, and Clara Crandall.

CA Students Participate in NEPA Girls in STEM Competition


On Saturday April 15, Carbondale Area 7th and 8th grade students participated in the NEPA Girls in STEM Competition at Valley View HS. Teams were required to complete an engineering task which asked the girls to build a vehicle that would maneuver off a ramp into an area and knock over molecules of DNA. Students used equipment from the high school’s makerspace to create a motorized car with a rotating arm. Students also learned about cosmetic chemistry and were challenged to follow a lab procedure where they created their own lip gloss. Teams then answered math and programming challenges. Over forty teams from throughout Lackawanna and Wayne counties participated in the event.



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