Carbondale Area Bids Farewell to the Class of 2021
Carbondale Area Class of 2021 proceeds onto the football field for their graduation ceremony.

Carbondale Area Bids Farewell to the Class of 2021


The Carbondale Area Class of 2021 held their graduation ceremony on Friday, June 11, at the Andrew J. Cerra Athletic Field. In the first graduation ceremony in recent memory held at the football field, the Class of 2021 recalled good memories, reflected on past struggles- especially the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on their high school experience, and looked ahead to a bright future. The event was organized by Social Studies teacher Mr. Thomas Mauro and Math teacher Mr. Joseph Borosky with help from the administrative team.

The event started with a parade throughout Carbondale. The graduates met in the cafeteria and gymnasium afterwards and then proceeded onto the field. Mr. Lawrence Gabriel, Teacher on Assignment and Athletic Director, served as the Master of Ceremonies. Aniela Connolly sang the National Anthem with Mrs. Keri Warhola, Guidance Counselor, leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Avianna Pugliese and Bayley Grizzanti gave the Salutatorian and Valedictorian Addresses. Mrs. Holly Sayre, Superintendent, addressed the Class of 2021 and welcomed Mr. Lance Gabriel, Carbondale Area Class of 2008 and Architectural Engineer for the Mortensen Company, as the Commencement Speaker. Sticking with tradition, President Kacydi Brewen passed along the Senior Mantle to Junior Class President Alyssa Cosklo. Mrs. Sayre presented the Schroeder Scholarship Award winners (listed below) and then Mr. Gabriel read the names of the graduates, who received their diplomas from School Board President, Dr. Gary Smedley. The students then proceeded to leave the complex.

“I truly enjoyed the atmosphere of the event; it was very beautiful presentation,” explained Class President Kacydi Brewen. “I’m confident my class will do great and beautiful things in this world.”

Schroeder Scholarship Award Recipients:

Amelia Muta

Bayley Grizzanti

Alyvia Schiavone

Gianelly Prieto

Avianna Pugliese

Sarah Tolerico

Giana Arnese

Deana Mancuso

Junior Ushers Jaden Fedorchak (left) and Guy Mushow (right) lead the Seniors onto the football field.


The Class of 2021 sits on the stage while Mr. Lawrence Gabriel, Master of Ceremonies, speaks.


Salutatorian Avianna Pugliese addresses her classmates.


Valedictorian Bayley Grizzanti speaks to his classmates after receiving the top graduation honor.


Superintendent Holly Sayre offers remark in her first commencement as superintendent.


Mr. Lance Gabriel, Commencement Speaker, offers words of advice for the Class of 2021.


The traditional “Conferring of the Mantle” from Senior Class President Kacydi Brewen (left) to Junior Class President Alyssa Cosklo (right).


Mrs. Keri Warhola, Guidance Counselor, announces the winners of the Ruth Giles Schroeder Scholarship.


The Class of 2021 processes out.


Carbondale Area Class of 2021:

Hector Alexander Acosta Jr.              Gianna Gillette                              Sueann Vegas Moran

Anthony James Adams                       Kaelin Greene                                Joanna Munoz-Gonzalez

Nateya Anderson                                  Bayley Michael Grizzanti            Anthony Mustica

Nikkia Andidora                                   Shane Grunza                               Amelia Muta

Giana Arnese                                        Matthew Heenan                          Nalla Jean O’Dowd

John Baker                                            Sha’kee Masya Hoskins              Raymond T. Ofner

Seth Joseph Bazink                             Caitlin Hudson                             Richard Bryan Pacheco

Rico Berrios                                          Michael Hudson                           Morgan Elizabeth Panella

Michael Jerome Bossick Jr.               Anthony Jacobino                       Izayah Petrisky

Andrew Bouchard                                McKenzie Karaffa                        Shane Thomas Phillips

Alexandrea Brennan                            Londyn M. Kase                          Eric Richard Praefke

Kacydi L. Brewen                                 Tierra Kealoha-Silva                   Gianelly Prieto

Jahiem Brooker                                    Aiden Kelly                                   Avianna Pugliese

Natalie Brown                                       Kaitlyn M. Kilmer                       Kaitllyn Rayn Richardson

Maria Lourdes Cerra                           William Kovaleski Jr.                 Dynasty Romero

Olivia Christian                                    Angel Fernando Lavaire            Kenneth Rought

Kayla Cobb                                            Olivia Liuzzo                                Brandon Samaniego

Aniela Connolly                                    Chloe Livingston                         Alyvia Schiavone

Michael Cornall                                    Donovin Loomis                          Halley Schwartz

Robert Cron                                           Deana Jane Mancuso                 Jaiden Smith

Athin DeFuria                                       Brielle Noelle Marchione           Stephen Stolarik

Isaiah Easter                                         Joseph Mark                                 Sarah Tolerico

Connor Eibach                                     Taylor Mazza                                Carmine Francise Torre

Sydney Raven Eichenbaum              Maleena McCormick                   Nathan Totsky

Matthew Ennes                                   Morgana D. McGee                      Julian Turonis

Amelia Esgro                                        Erin McHale                                 Ronald Umstead

Justine Lynn Fashauer                       Destiney Marie McKeiver           Ariel Williamson

Juliana Galarza                                    Jade Kitana Medina                     Klarice M. Winters

Eric John Gardner                              Jose Alexander Mendez              Tyler Womuth

Joshua Gifford                                     Cristina A. Morales                      Crystal Nichole Yarbrough

The Carbondale Area School District congratulates the Class of 2021 on all their accomplishments and wishes them all the best in their future endeavors. #CarbondaleAreaClassof2021 #CAProud

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