Carbondale Area Hosts Academic Honors Ceremony
Mr. Robert Barnett, Social Studies teacher, was the Faculty speaker chosen by the Class of 2024 Honor students.

Carbondale Area Hosts Academic Honors Ceremony

Carbondale Area recently held their annual Academic Honors Night for students in Grades 7-12 who have excelled academically. Students are eligible for Academic Honors if they have a cumulative average of 93% or higher. Senior members read passages and quotes regarding academic success and sang musical selections while Mr. Robert Barnett, faculty speaker chosen by the senior class, gave a speech to conclude the evening. His message was clear, that coming from a big city, and moving here to teach, he is able to see how a small town brings people together and creates a family like environment.

To kick things off, Ava Peregrin sang “The National Anthem.”  Musical selections were also performed by seniors Natalie Skeeba and Dylan Ofner. Principal, Mr. Joseph Farrell and Assistant Principal, Mr. Lawrence A. Gabriel III, presented the students with certificates.
After each of the students in Grades 7-12 were individually recognized, the top three ranked students in each class were announced.

Members of Academic Honors are pictured below.

Medal winners from each grade (top three averages) are pictured below.

See gallery below for photos from the ceremony.

Congratulations to all members on your continued academic success!

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