Carbondale Area Hosts National Honor Society Ceremony
National Honor Society President, Jonathon Purvis, leads the inductees in the Honor Society Pledge held April 6 in the Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High School Auditorium.

Carbondale Area Hosts National Honor Society Ceremony


On April 6, 2022, students at Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High School were inducted into the National Honor Society (Grades 10-12) and National Junior Honor Society (Grades 7-9). Students were selected based on their leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Senior Rogemarie Navarrete played the piano for the processional and had two musical performances; 8th Grader Natalie Giordano sang the National Anthem and Carbondale Area Alma Mater.

The Seniors led the ceremony. Mia Perri led the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and introduction of the speakers, Elizabeth Pantoja and Alexis Price read the history of the National Honor Society, while Sophia Calzola and Joshua Tierney explained the honor and values of the National Honor Society. President Jonathon Purvis (Leadership), Vice-President Alyssa Cosklo (Scholarship), Secretary Ellie Higdon (Service), and Chloee Rumford (Character) spoke on the four pillars of the National Honor Society. President Jonathon Purvis led the inductees with the Pledge of the National Honor Society. Mr. Lawrence Gabriel III, Acting Junior/Senior High School Principal, presented certificates to all the inductees. Mr. Carm Perri and Mrs. Alyssa Mayne organized the event as advisors of the National Honor Society.

Senior Officers of the National Honor Society (left to right)- Vice-President Alyssa Cosklo, President Jonathon Purvis, and Secretary Ellen Higdon; Missing from Photo: Treasurer Emily Kelly.
Senior Members of the National Honor Society- Front Row (left to right): Deanna Holbert, Rogemarie Navarrete, Elizabeth Pantoja, Secretary Ellen Higdon, Vice-President Alyssa Cosklo, Mia Perri, Chloee Rumford, and MaKena Sanderson; Middle Row (left to right): Tatiana Elston, Francheliz De Jesus, Mackenzie Spaid, Alexis Price, Makenna Fedorchak, Mia Marrero, Sophia Calzola, Mackenzie Miluszusky, and Mackenzie Edgar; Back Row (left to right): Keefer Wease, Jaden Fedorchak, Logan Colonna, Kyle Perri, President Jonathon Purvis, Logan Wormuth, Joshua Tierney, and Caleb Higdon; Missing from Photo: Emily Kelly, Sarah Parry, and Robert Wall.


Junior Members of the National Honor Society (Left to Right)- Julia Gorel, Julia Murphia, Kathryn Thornton, Madison Kelsch, Corinne Haley, Shauna Durst, Gia Mark, Emma Monahan, Audrey Cobb, Gianna Gallo, and Madalyn Borders; Back Row (left to right): Jacob Ulmer, Bryan Salitsky, Brycen Kelly, Matthew Totsky, Quintin Naro, Liam Shenise, Chase Arthur, Robert Constantine, Gavin Connor, Joshua Berg, and Tyler Moskosky; Missing from Photo: Katelyn Ostrander, Alena Phillips, and Justin Toy.


Sophomore Members of the National Honor Society- Front Row (left to right): Rylee Colonna, Janessa Disla, Alayshia Williams, Madison Heenan, Kylie Kelly, Jocelyn Brown, Emily Tropeano, Emma Perri, Max Rosler, Caden Brennan, and Karla Agosto Rivera; Back Row (left to right): Jacob Berg, Robert Waters, James Gilia, Kierra Borosky, Sadie Gardus, Kaci Bannon, Zachary Staples, Mason Miluszusky, Andrew Balderas, Preston Casey, Natalie Skeba, and Erika Hollis; Missing from Photo: Megan Cosklo and Molly Kelly.


Freshman members of the National Junior Honor Society- Front Row (left to right): Maggie Kane, Alexis Black, Summer Young, Ryleigh Brink, Caitlyn Burns, Hong Tran, Allyssah Bonk, and Aryonna Castaneda; Middle Row (left to right): Ciara Martin, Leilah Esgro, Abigail Wall, Hannah McCaffrey, Angelica Prieto, Eva Balderas, and Gianna Carlo; Back Row (left to right): Thomas Wiggins, Alan Parry, Ian Dzielak, Logan Spall, Stephen Purcell, Stephen Ennes, and Ethan McDonald; Missing from Photo: Eliana Connolly, Shelby Dec, Bryanne Lucas, and Ava Peregrin.


8th Grade Members of the National Junior Honor Society- Front Row (left to right): Olivia Lawler, Maureen Newcomb, Madelena Zaccone, Gianna Perry, Natalie Giordano, Leslie Prieto, and Taylor Corrigan; Middle Row (left to right): Parker Smith, John Gorel, Emily Grover, Ella Casper, Ashleigh Arnese, Delaney Strain, and Ethan Gaughran; Back Row (left to right): Alexander Mackey, Mason Nepa, Albion Nasufi, Matthew Serkosky, Zachary Tarchak, William Murphy, and Julian Fedorchak; Missing from Photo: Xander Dombroski.


7th Grade Members of the National Junior Honor Society- Front Row (left to right): Tekoya Sanderson, Kymara McGann, Addison Calzola, Alexis Novak, Taryn Gregory, Lilliana Cerra, Olivia Ellinger, Caroline Homsher, Abigail Carachilo, and Alexandria Rosar; Middle Row (left to right): Diana Munoz Gonzalez, Jada Salcedo, Talia Perri, Amethyst Kealoha-Silva, Anna Pauswinski, Peyton Spall, Mackenzie Wallace, Lyssa Durkin, and Ava Mark; Back Row (left to right): Maria Vargas, Lily Thornton, Martina McDonald, Clara Crandall, Sadie Brennan, Reagan Bishop-Russo, Stephen Oakley, Xavier Rosar, Ryan Waters, Evan Cerra, Aubrey Borosky, Riley Brennan, Gabriella Granville, Cole Balderas, Caedon Voglino, and Masie Bognatz; Missing from Photo: Olivia Conserette and Atheana Tonkin.


The Carbondale Area School District congratulates all the inductees and is very proud of their achievements. You represent Carbondale Area very well. #CAProud

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