Carbondale Area Hosts National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
National Honor Society Officers for the 2020-2021 School Year are (Left to Right): Secretary Sarah Tolerico, President Deana Mancuso, Vice-President Alyvia Schiavone, and Treasurer Amelia Muta

Carbondale Area Hosts National Honor Society Induction Ceremony


Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High School held its National Honor Society Induction Ceremony on Wednesday, April 14 to celebrate the achievements of some of our most accomplished students. Students are selected for induction based on their attainment of the four pillars of the National Honor Society: Character, Leadership, Service, and Citizenship. The ceremony was held in-person for juniors and seniors and virtually for students in grades seven through ten due to the pandemic.

Mr. Perri (Senior High) and Mrs. Mayne (Junior High), co-advisors for the National Honor Society, are proud to announce the following students have met criteria for induction into the National Honor Society:

7th Grade:

Ashleigh Arnese

Caleb Buddie

Ella Casper

Taylor Corrigan

Zayn DeRossi

Xander Dombroski

Natalie Giordano

John Gorel

Emily Grover

Olivia Lawler

Alexander Mackey

William Murphy

Albion Nasufi

Mason Nepa

Maureen Newcomb

Cherlyn Nunez

Gianna Perry

Riley Pietrowski

Lesile Prieto

Adriana Roberts

Kendra Santiago

Matthew Serkosky

Parker Smith

Ismael Sosa

Delaney Strain

Zachary Tarchak

Madelena Zaccone

8th Grade:

Mackenzie Alsop

Stephanie Baker

Eva Balderas

Alexis Black

Allyssah Bonk

Ryleigh Brink

Caitlyn Burns

Katelyn Burns

Gianna Carlo

Eliana Connolly

Shelby Dec

Michael Derichie

Ian Dzielak

John Michael Elko

Stephen Ennes

Leila Esgro

Ryan Fuller

Samuel Grizzanti

Penelope Herbert

Isaiah Kilmer

Maggie Kane

Bryanne Lucas

Ciara Martin

Hannah McCaffery

Ethan McDonald

Keegan McDonald

Ava Peregrin

Angelica Prieto

Stephen Purcell

Christopher Rotell-Tierney

Scott Santos

Logan Spall

Madison Tice

Adrienne Titley

Rylie Toolan

Hong Tran

Abigail Wall

Thomas Wiggins

Summer Young

 9th Grade:

Andrew Balderas

Kaci Bannon

Jacob Berg

Caden Brennan

Jocelyn Brown

Rylee Colonna

Megan Cosklo

Jacob Emmet

Kaylee Evarts

Sadie Gardus

James Gilia

Madison Heenan

Erika Hollis

Kylie Kelly

Molly Kelly

Abigail Lent

Mason Miluszusky

Dylan Ofner

Emma Perri

Natalie Skeba

Zachary Staples

Robert Waters

Alayshia Williams

 10th Grade:

Chase Arthur

Joshua Berg

Madalyn Borders

Audrey Cobb

Gavin Connor

Robert Constantine

Shauna Durst

Gianna Gallo

Julia Gorel

Corinne Haley

Brycen Kelly

Madison Kelsch

Gia Mark

Emma Monahan

Tyler Moskosky

Julia Murphy

Quintin Naro

Nicholas Ohmnacht

Katelyn Ostrander

Hailey Peterka

Alena Phillips

Bryan Salitsky

Liam Shenise

Matthew Totsky

Justin Toy

Jacob Ulmer 

11th Grade:

Emma Baker

Sophia Calzola

Logan Colonna

Alyssa Cosklo

Francheliz De Jesus

Mackenzie Edgar

Tatiana Elston

Jaden Fedorchak

Caleb Higdon

Ellen Higdon

Deanna Holbert

Emily Kelly

Glenda Marrero

Mia Marrero

Mackenzie Miluszusky

Hailey Minor

Rogemarie Navarrette

Elizabeth Pantoja

Kyle Perri

Mia Perri

Alexis Price

Jonathon Purvis

Madison Regal

Chloee Rumford

MaKena Sanderson

Mackenzie Spaid

Rylee Taylor

Joshua Tierney

Robert Wall

Keefer Wease

Logan Wormuth

National Honor Society Junior Girls for the 2020-2021 School Year who Attended the Induction in Person are (Front Left to Right): Rogemarie Navarrett, Deanna Holbert, Mackenzie Edgar, Madison Regal, Emma Baker, Elizabeth Pantoja, and Emily Kelly. (Back Left to Right): Tatiana Elston, Alexis Price, Chloee Rumford, Alyssa Cosklo, Ellie Higdon, Mia Perri, and Sophia Calzola.


National Honor Society Junior Boys for the 2020-2021 School Year who Attended the Induction in Person are (Left to Right): Kyle Perri, Logan Colonna, Caleb Higdon, and Keefer Wease

12th Grade:

Deana Mancuso


Alyvia Schiavone

*Vice President

Sarah Tolerico


Amelia Muta


 Giana Arnese

Kacydi Brewen

Maria Cerra

Aniela Connolly

Connor Eibach

Amelia Esgro

Kaelin Greene

Bayley Grizzanti

Aiden Kelly

William Kovaleski

Olivia Liuzzo

Taylor Mazza

Erin McHale

Jade Medina

Anthony Mustica

Gianelly Prieto

Avianna Pugliese

Dynasty Romero

Halley Schwartz

Nathan Totsky

Julian Turonis

National Honor Society Senior Girls for the 2020-2021 School Year who Attended the Induction in Person are (Front Left to Right): Taylor Mazza, Kacydi Brewen, Deana Mancuso, Alyvia Schiavone, Sarah Tolerico, Amelia Muta, Amelia Esgro, and Aniela Connolly. (Back Left to Right): Gianelly Prieto, Avianna Pugliese, Halley Schwartz, Giana Arnese, Olivia Liuzzo, and Maria Cerra.


National Honor Society Senior Boys for the 2020-2021 School Year who Attended the Induction in Person are (Left to Right): Connor Eibach, Julian Turonis, Anthony Mustica, Bayley Grizzanti, Aiden Kelly, Nathan Totsky

“It was nice to have a sense of normalcy and honor these kids for their hard work under these circumstances,” noted Mr. Perri.

“The Carbondale Area community is very proud that these students were able to achieve and maintain academic excellence during such a difficult time in education due to the pandemic,” explained Mr. Farrell, CAHS Principal.

“I was extremely grateful that the school district allowed us to have a National Honor Society program this year especially since it was my senior ceremony,” explained president Deana Mancuso. “It was nice to acknowledge mine and my classmates’ academic achievements during this difficult school year. With all of the changes this year, I was appreciative that we were able to have some normalcy.”

Mr. Farrell, CAHS Principal, hands out awards to the juniors and seniors at the ceremony as President Deana Mancuso announces the names.

The Carbondale Area School District congratulates the National Honor Society inductees on their great achievement. #CAProud

Please see the following link to watch the ceremony:

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