Carbondale Area Hosts Senior-Parent Recognition Night for Football, Marching Band/Drill Team, and Cheerleading
Carbondale Area senior football players and their parents are honored in their final home game against Mid Valley on October 21. Seniors pictured in the front (left to right): Assistant Coach Logan Arthur, Daniel Battle, Logan Colonna, Will Durst, Luke Kovaleski, Aaron Lee, and Nicholas McCord. Standing (left to right): Tammy Arthur, Head Coach Jeff Arthur, Chrissy Battle, Patrick Battle, Michelle Battle, Fred Colonna, Kristy Colonna, Melissa Durst, Sean Durst, Cindy Kovaleski, Erik Kovaleski, Sara Patterson, Kim Lee, Joey Lee, Laura Rose, and Darryl Rose.

Carbondale Area Hosts Senior-Parent Recognition Night for Football, Marching Band/Drill Team, and Cheerleading


On October 29, 2021, Carbondale Area held its Senior-Parent Recognition Night in honor of graduating seniors for football, marching band/drill team, and cheerleaders. It was the final home game for our seniors against Mid Valley. There were twenty-six seniors recognized.

The senior football players honored were: Captains Liam Misko and Carlos Orta, Daniel Battle, Logan Colonna, Will Durst, Luke Kovaleski, Aaron Lee, Nicholas McCord, Guy Mushow, Jonathon Purvis, Paul Salvatore, Josh Tierney, Logan Wormuth, and Assistant Coach Logan Arthur. “It was a great way to honor the kids that put so much into the sport,” explained Josh Tierney, who was referring to the ceremony. “It meant a lot to all of us.”

“I want to thank the seniors for all their leadership this year,” noted first-year Head Coach Jeff Arthur. “I will miss these guys. I enjoyed being their Coach. These guys should be proud of themselves. As Coach Gabriel always says,  ‘You are successful if you leave the program better then you found it’, and these guys did that. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. I hope they realize I’ll always be there for them if I’m ever needed.”


The rest of the football team is honored during Senior-Parent Recognition Night. Pictured kneeling (left to right): Christian Orta, Javier Orta, Captain Liam Misko, Guy Mushow, Captain Carlos Orta, Paul Salvatore, Josh Tierney, and Logan Wormuth. Standing (left to right): Head Coach Jeff Arthur, Gina Bisignani, Bryan Purvis, Robert Misko, Joe Mushow, April Mushow, Carlos Orta Senior, Crystal Johnson, Paul Salvatore Senior, Jennifer Salvatore, Stacy Tierney, Pat Tierney, and Hope Wormuth. Missing from Photo: Richard Wormuth.

The Marching Band and Drill Team seniors were also honored: Band Representative Keefer Wease,  Band Member/Uniform Manager Cora Wylie, Drill Team Member/Equipment Manager Sarah Parry, and Band Member Patricia Green. “I enjoyed the last six years in the band- it has really felt like another family,” explained Green. “The bus rides with everyone and just the moments in general have felt beyond amazing. Band is a major part of my life, and it is not just about playing all the right notes; for me, it’s about hearing and playing the music with the people I love the most.”

The Marching Band/Drill Team were also honored at Senior-Parent Recognition Night. Pictured left to right: Mr. Lawrence Gabriel III, Acting Principal, Ms. McDermott, Band Director, Mrs. Tricia Dietz, Drill Team Coach, Deanna Holbert, Band Representative Keefer Wease, Joe Green, Band Member Patricia Green, Lori Green, Joseph Parry, Drill Team Member/Equipment Manager Sarah Parry, Debra Parry, Michael Hawryshko, Band Member/Uniform Manager Cora Wylie, Michael Hawryshko, and Mrs. Holly Sayre, Superintendent of Schools.

Finally, the senior cheerleaders were honored: Captains Sophia Calzola, Makenna Fedorchak, and Madison Regal, as well as Alyssa Cosklo, Ellie Higdon, Ashley Johannes, Mia Perri, and Kaylee Steele. “Senior Night was very emotional after spending four years on the squad cheering,” explained Calzola. “Friday Night Lights will be a memory I always hold close.”

The Cheerleaders were also honored on Senior-Parent Recognition Night. Pictured left to right: Mrs. Darcy Lasavage, Assistant Cheerleading Coach, Mrs. Michele Caviston, Head Cheerleading Coach, Anita Calzola, Cheer Captain Sophia Calzola, Kim Cosklo, David Cosklo, Cheerleader Alyssa Cosklo, Mary Fedorchak, Cheer Captain Makenna Fedorchak, Jeremy Fedorchak, Meaghan Higdon, Ellie Higdon, Guy Higdon, Leon Boots, Cheerleader Ashley Johannes, Fred Johannes, Assistant Coach J.J. Perri, Cheerleader Mia Perri, Debbie Perri, John Regal, Cheer Captain Madison Regal, Ashley Verrill, Ray Steele, Cheerleader Kaylee Steele, Melissa Steele, Mrs. Holly Sayre, Superintendent of Schools, and Mr. Lawrence Gabriel, Acting Principal.

The Carbondale Area School District congratulates all of our senior football players, marching band/drill team members, and cheerleaders and wishes them the best of luck in their future endeavors. #CarbondaleAreaClassof2022

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