Co-op Highlight: Damaris Jankowski

Co-op Highlight: Damaris Jankowski


Damaris is doing her co-op at Aventura Creekside Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility in Carbondale.  She works every afternoon, getting some great experience learning about the healthcare field.  Damaris is on track to earn her CNA license before she graduates from high school.  When asked about her co-op, Damaris said, “Co-op is a very helpful program to help students pursue their career before they make big decisions. It is a program run through school to help students work but still get their education. Co-op gives you a head start on your working career. I highly recommend as a high school student to do co-op if you get the opportunity.”

Damaris’ words of inspiration are… “when you feel like quitting remember why you started.”  Thank you for being an inspiration to CA students!

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