Ms. Karausky’s Class Collects for Griffin Pond Animal Shelter
Photo left to right: Front Row - Austin Thomas, Jamal St. Clair, and Blake Rude. Middle Row - Ms. Karausky, Madison Fay, Amber Ogonowski, Isabelle Palmiter, and Mrs. LaSavage. Back Row - Felix Rosario, Cameron Crabe, Danilo Sonera, and Michael Reilly.

Ms. Karausky’s Class Collects for Griffin Pond Animal Shelter


Ms. Karausky’s class held a successful collection for the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. The class collected dry and wet food, litter, treats, toys, leashes, bowls, blankets, and cleaning supplies. In addition to the donations from students and staff, her class also practiced their baking skills by making several batches of homemade dog biscuits and learned about the importance of giving back to the community. “We’re extremely grateful for everyone’s support in making this donation drive a great success,” noted Karausky.


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