SADD Officers Announced

SADD Officers Announced

Carbondale Area’s SADD (Student’s Against Destructive Decisions) has elected a president for the 2018-2019 school year.  Kaitlyn Shockey, currently a senior at CA was chosen to lead this very important group this year.  Other Sadd officers for 2018-19 include Vice President… Annaliese Allen.. Treasurer….   Callista Calabro… and Secretary…. Madison Hayner.

SADD members participated in Red Ribbon Week the last week in October.  They sold red ribbons throughout the lunches to encourage students not to use cigarettes, alcohol or drugs and to make all good decisions.  Mrs. Tricia Liuzzo is the club’s advisor.  I’m speaking with our recently appointed president, Kaitlyn Shockey, who is currently a senior at Carbondale Area.  I asked Kaitlyn what she hopes to accomplish in her role as president of SADD this year at CA, and she replied, “My goal as president is to make students aware of the dangers of substance abuse.  I’d also like to encourage them to think about what they are doing to prevent negative life changing events from happening.”

In the picture from left:

Annaliese Allen, Kaitlyn Shockey,  Callista Calabro, & Madison Hayner

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