School Bus Transportation Opt-Out Program

School Bus Transportation Opt-Out Program

The Carbondale Area School District is offering a school bus transportation opt-out program for the 2020-2021 school year.  The opt-out program is entirely voluntary and is specifically designed for families of school-aged children who do not plan on taking the school bus in order to get to and from school during the school year.


The program helps the District optimize travel time on school bus routes, identify appropriate bus stops, and allow for more consistent and efficient transportation service.  Also, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic the District will need to create a transportation plan that takes social distancing while riding buses into consideration.  It is the District’s plan to provide safe and consistent transportation during the hybrid phase and when school returns to a full in-person schedule.


The transportation opt-out program will not impact your child(ren)’s ability to ride district provided transportation to attend field trips, athletic events, emergency evacuations, etc.  Parents who opt-out will also be responsible for ensuring that their children are transported to and from school on school days with delayed openings and early dismissals.


If you choose to have your child(ren) opt-out of bus transportation, please complete and return a signed copy of the Opt-Out form below to the District’s Transpiration Director, Kimberly Michalek.

Opt-Out form

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