Senior Spotlight: Nalla O’Dowd

Senior Spotlight: Nalla O’Dowd


Our next senior featured in our Charger Senior Spotlight is track & field athlete and cheerleader Nalla D’Dowd. Nalla is the daughter of William and Christina O’Dowd. She has two siblings- a sister, Diamond, a sophomore at the high school and a brother, William, a freshman here at Carbondale Area.

Nalla has participated in athletics each season. In the fall and winter months, she was a member of the cheer squad and each spring she participates in track & field, where she throws the Discus. She has cheered for three years on the varsity squad and has a total of eleven years of cheerleading experience. Additionally, she has participated in track & field for three years. She enjoys woodworking and building things. Nalla currently attends the Career Technology Center (CTC) in Scranton, where she studies Carpentry. She has earned a Ladder Certification while at CTC and a Forklift Certification while at Johnson College. She has also earned her OSHA 10 certification and is currently working on her OSHA 30.

Nalla competing in the Discus at a track & field meet last spring.

Nalla’s favorite CA memory is cheering at the football games each fall, and her favorite subject is Math. Her future plans are to attend Penn College of Technology where she will study Architectural and Sustainable Design. The Carbondale Area School District congratulates Nalla on her accomplishments thus far and wishes her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

“We always have bumps in the road, but we will get over them.” – Nalla O’Dowd, Carbondale Area Class of 2021 #CarbondaleAreaClassof2021


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