Students Awarded at PJAS Competition

Students Awarded at PJAS Competition

March 8, 2019

Carbondale Area continued its tradition of excellence this year at the  .  Thirty-three PJAS Members received awards on Saturday, March 2 at The PJAS Regional Meeting held at Wilkes University.

The following results are from Carbondale Area Students:

Junior High Excellence Award in Computer Science – Emily Kelly


Perfect Scores – Juliette Racht and Emily Kelly


22 additional – First Place Awards (therefore will attend state meeting at Penn State)


Kylie Kelly

Holly Burke

Jacqueline Kelly

Jocelyn Brown

Molly Kelly

Shauna Durst

Ellie Higdon

Deana Mancuso

Amelia Muta

Madison Cost

Vanessa Sawyer

Olivia Manarchuck

Rory Misko

Jessica Borders

Kristina Gorel

Mia Perri

Emma Jones

Jacob Berg

Kianna Savage

Megan Wallis

Alyssa Cosklo

Sophia Calzola


16 Second Place awards:

Megan Cosklo

Aubrey Moase

Julia Gorel

Audrey Cobb

Aniela Connolly

Taylor Mazza

Giana Arnese

McKinley Borders

Noah Newcomb

Alyvia Schiavone

Jarred Rosar

Michaela McLaughlin

Dylan Rowland

Astrid Paz

Josh Berg



I asked Olivia Manarchuck, currently in Grade 11 at Carbondale Area what her project was about and she responded, “It’s about peppermint and reaction time.  I set out to see if peppermint impacted brain activity.  I gave my participants reaction time tests with and without peppermint to see if the peppermint affected their test scores and/or reflexes.  Scores did improve with peppermint but not enough to be statistically significant.”  I also asked Olivia what career she would like to pursue, and she said, “I’d like to be a surgeon.  This is my fourth year competing at PJAS so I’m hoping all of this experience will help with my future career.”










First photo from left:

Emily Kelly, Alyvia Schiavone, Deana Mancuso, Sophia Calzola, Ellie Higdon, Taylor Mazza, Emma Jones, Mia Perri, Sarah Perri, Kianna Savage, Astrid Paz

Second Row:  Olivia Manarchuck, Mackenzie Borders, Gianna Arnese, Alyssa Cosklo, Amelia Muta, Michaela McLaughlin, Megan Wallis, Rory Misko, Aniela Connolly, Dylan Rowland, Mrs. Jessica Trichilo, advisor, and Noah Newcomb















Second Photo from left:

Kristina Gorel,  Audrey Cobb, Holly Burke,  Jocelyn Brown, Jaqueline Kelly, Aubrey Moase, Juliette Racht, Kylie Kelly, Jacob Berg, Molly Kelly,  Shauna Durst

Back Row:  Mrs. Hinton, Madison Cost, Jessica Borders, Jarred Rosar, Vanessa Sawyer, Megan Cosklo, Julia Gorel & Josh Berg

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