Summer Reading Announcements

Summer Reading Announcements

Click the link below to view the General Education Summer Reading/Requirements:

General Education Requirements/Readings

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Special Education Modified Requirements/Readings

The Carbondale Area Jr.-Sr. High School Summer Reading Program requires that students read assigned books during the summer to prepare for their application in Reading classes (Grades 7-8) and English classes
(Grades 9-12) next year. An initial test will be followed by discussion and additional assessment activities in subsequent classes. These grades will be averaged into each student’s Reading (Grades 7-8) or English (Grades 9-12) grade for the first marking period. To prepare most effectively for the Summer Reading Test and for additional class discussion and assessment
activities, it is recommended that students keep a journal of notes on each chapter of the book to focus attention during reading and to generate a study aid for assessments next year.

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