Chargers Excel at Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) State Competition
Students who participated in the 2023 PJAS State Competition are pictured left to right. Front Row: Stephanie Baker, Olivia Lawler, Maureen Newcomb, Madelena Zaccone, Shauna Durst, Kaci Bannon, Audrey Cobb, and Kylie Kelly. Back Row: Caitlyn Burns, Julia Gorel, Joshua Berg, William Murphy, Alexander Mackey, Jocelyn Brown, Caden Brennan, Molly Kelly, and Rylie Toolan.

Chargers Excel at Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) State Competition


Ms. Samantha Masco and Ms. Mandy Jadick are proud to announce the following results from the 2023 PJAS State Competition. Of the twenty-one students competing, Carbondale Area finished with seven 1st Place awards. Many presenters did their presentations without the aid of their slide deck due to a campus wide computer issue, and still our students persisted to a 1st Place Award.

Students who received 1st Place Awards are the following: Gabriella Granville, Alexandria Rosar, Olivia Lawler, Alexander Mackey, William Murphy, Kylie Kelly, and Molly Kelly. Kylie Kelly was also awarded a Pennsylvania Science Talent Search Scholarship in the amount of $8000 to Penn State University for her future studies.

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