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All Kindergarten

K Reading

This is a you tube video showing and saying the 1G Power Word list. You need to watch with child/children and stop video when it is over. No other navigation needed.

K Reading

practice your reading for 15-30 minutes per day. Listen to a story either read to you on storyline online or one that you or your parent read. After listening to the strory Parents answer your chid some of the following questions: 1. Who was the author and what is the authors job? 2. What does the illustrator do? 3. Where did the story take place, 4. What happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story? 5. How were the characters feeling? 6. What was the problem and solution that happened in the story. You may also choose to write a sentence and draw a picture abut the story. ,, This site reads storys out loud to the children. ABCya and starfall the children are very familiar with beacuse we use them at school. Once the site opens your child can choose a story that they would like to listen to.

All Kindergarten

Alphabet Practice

Write your capital and lowercase letters. (remember where the letter belongs on the line) (Capital letters begin at the top solid black line and most lowercase letters being at the dotted line unless it stands up tall like letters t, k, h, l, b and d) – Practice your power words *If you can not access these sights you have papers in your take home folders that include your letters and power words.

Parents can print a set of alphabet flashcards that we use daily in the clasroom The second link allows you to have a video access. Just click on the link it will take you right to where you can print the cards. The second link will actually allow you child to see a video of the flashcards and hear them being done the way we do them in the classroom. They should say along with the video

All Kindergarten

K Numbers

practice writing number 1-20. -count by 1’s to 100. – count by 10’s to 100. If you can count by 5″s to 100try that too.

This is a math and reading website for the children to practice skills we have learned. Parents must sign up for free by creating user name and password. After creating account click on K and choose either math or reading. Then you can chose math activity for your child to work on.

Alessandra Striefsky

K Math

Zearn is a digital learning program which aligns with our district’s Math Curriculum to review learned math concepts and enrich student learning, it provides flexible learning that accommodate individual learning differences For Learning Support Students-A username and password has already been created for your child. Even if your child has not accessed this website at home, they have in school and should be familar with it. Usernames and passwords were sent home, if you do not have them or require assistance with logging in please contact your child’s learning support teacher via e-mail.

Alessandra Striefsky

K Phonics

Offers printable worksheets for letter tracing, alphabet recognition, number tracing, word tracing, name tracing You could click on printables and find the desired activity or you could search based on students grade level

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