Senior Internship Highlight: Emily Tropeano
Pictured left to right: Detective Tim Mackrell (left), Emily Tropeano, and Officer Robert Williams (right).

Senior Internship Highlight: Emily Tropeano


Emily Tropeano is excelling in her internship with the City of Carbondale.  Emily works every afternoon at Carbondale City Hall, getting great experience in how our city is run.  In her short time there so far, she has helped with writing small grants, done marketing for events, assisted in reviewing initiatives for future plans in the City of Carbondale, attended City Council meetings, and she has interacted and learned from every department within the city.  As part of her internship, Emily will be developing an action plan for her own project that will benefit the city.  She has also worked very closely with the Carbondale Police Department.  According to City Clerk Michele Bannon, Emily’s internship supervisor, “The City of Carbondale is honored to have Emily doing her senior internship with us.  Watching Emily immerse herself in our day-to-day operations is humbling.  She understands our mission every day is to honorably serve our residents with dignity and respect, no matter how small or large the task.”

When asked about her internship experience so far, Emily says, “I really enjoy learning the business side of City Hall and the police/detective side of City Hall as well. This is a very valuable experience because it exposes me to a lot of things that I will see in my future career.”  Emily looks forward to a successful career as a lawyer.

Thank you, Emily, for making a difference!

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