CA Drama Club Presents “Little Shop of Horrors”
Cast members and crew from "Little Shop of Horrors" are pictured left to right: Kymara McGann, Talia Perri, Matthew Spall, Ava White, Tekoya Sanderson, Emiley Morais, Will Young, Ryleigh Brink, Lily Thornton, Hailey Thomas, Clara Crandall, Hunter Long, Natalie Skeba, Eliana Connolly, Tommy Seymour, Mr. Jordan Rossetti, Mrs. Noreen Ofner, Dylan Ofner, Mrs. Megan McDermott, Jonah Paulson, Nicole Rasmus, Michael Padgett, Ms. Juliet Lepre, Jacob Emmett, Chloe Yaskowitz, Aidrianna Gigliotti, Guarionex Curiel, Alex Shockey, Zach Tartchak, Madison Usher, Sevine Tighe, Madison Dutter, Sam Cain, Conner Dutter, and Gary Kroll. Mrs. Nicole Rasmus is the Drama Club advisor.

CA Drama Club Presents “Little Shop of Horrors”

  This year, our drama club took the stage and put on a spectacular performance of “Little Shop of Horrors.” The club performed their show three times, with Dylan Ofner…

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