Senior Spotlight: Ariel Williamson

Senior Spotlight: Ariel Williamson


Our next student featured in our Senior Spotlight is Ariel Williamson. Ariel is the daughter of Christy and Rick Williamson. She also has a brother, Ricky. Each fall for the past six years, Ariel has played the Baritone in the Carbondale Area Marching Band and is currently the Drum Major. Last season, she was the Uniform Manager. Ariel’s favorite CA memory is the football games.

Ariel’s favorite subject is Protective Services at the Career Technology Center (CTC). She is employed at Burger King, and her hobbies include art and music. Her future plans are to attend Mortuary School. The Carbondale Area School District congratulates Ariel on her prior successes and wishes her the best in her future endeavors!

“It isn’t really like it is in the movies, tbh [to be honest].” –Ariel Williamson, Carbondale Area Class of 2021


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