Senior Spotlight: Hailey Peterka

Senior Spotlight: Hailey Peterka


Our next Senior Spotlight is Chargerettes Basketball player Hailey “Hailbale” Peterka. Hailey is the daughter of Marie Galarza and Rich Peterka. Hailey is a three-year member of the basketball team where she is the Center.

Hailey is a member of the Yearbook staff and serves as a Peer Mentor as a member of the Future Teachers Club. She is a member of the National Honor Society and Honor Roll. She is also employed at the new Sheetz located in Childs. She enjoys singing, hanging out with friends, and going on vacations.

Hailey’s favorite CA memory is eating the pie during the week of homecoming games. Her favorite subject is Street Law and Economics. She plans to attend college and pursue a Criminal Justice major and afterwards get a job as a State Trooper or Police Officer. The Carbondale Area School District congratulates Hailey on her achievements thus far and wishes her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

“Live life to the fullest and don’t ever doubt yourself.” -Hailey Peterka, Carbondale Area Class of 2023 #CarbondaleAreaClassof2023

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