Alyssa Cosklo Participates in Student Ambassador Program

Alyssa Cosklo Participates in Student Ambassador Program


“I was excited to be given this opportunity my senior year. I really enjoy being able to learn about our government and have a chance to make some of the changes I hope to see in our society.” These are the words of student, Alyssa Cosklo, who was given the opportunity to participate in the Student Ambassador Program with Senator Marty Flynn. She has met with the senator as well as various people from Harrisburg and local governments, including the current mayor of Scranton, Paige Cognetti. Alyssa was assigned to a group where they discussed and came up with a law of interest to the group members to present to the Senator. One of the proposed laws will go to the Senate for approval. Next month, Alyssa and fellow participants will be afforded with the opportunity to take a trip to the state capital to sit in on a Congressional Hearing and meet with other state senators.

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