CA Students Participate in Mikayla’s Voice Project
Mentors Gabriella Granville (left) and Masie Bognatz (right) are pictured with Ms. Caroline Newcomb's first grade class holding up the books they read to the group. Pictured left to right: Front row – William Crandall. 2nd Row –Shanaya Covington, Xyah Taylor, Ember Sona, Ember Smith, Noah Baughman, and Margot Wicha. 3rd Row – Avery DeRichie, Jackson Miller, Zoey Chapman-Curtis, and Mackenzye Nepa. 4th Row – Nancey Mansour, Viviana DeAntonio, Emma Martin, Ella Cole, Adrian Ignatov, Logan Hallock, and Golden Gray. 5th Row – Gabriella Granville, Macey Bognatz, Zendaya Miller, Niomi, Mink, and Teigen Bell. 6th Row- Ms. Caroline Newcomb, First Grade Teacher.

CA Students Participate in Mikayla’s Voice Project


In an effort to continue an era of kindness and inclusion in Carbondale Area, high school mentors of the Mikayla’s Voice Project participated in a “Read Aloud” at the elementary school on Wednesday, September 27. Students read a variety of books inspired by Mikayla and her friends which encourage kindness, friendship, and inclusion.

“Last school year, Carbondale Area School District was chosen to participate in an amazing opportunity to share Mikayla’s story and be a voice of kindness and inclusion for all students,” explained Mrs. Heather Tolerico, Director of Special Education. “We are happy to continue with this program during the 23-24 school year to provide inclusive activities as well as mentoring opportunities. Let’s continue to celebrate and embrace diversity while promoting kindness and friendship for everyone through Mikayla’s Voice. Be a part of the change.”

“My experience volunteering for the Mikayla’s Voice program was amazing,” stated freshman Masie Bognatz. “I loved reading books about being accepted even if you are different to the elementary school kids. I also loved having the students ask me questions about my disability and how I do everything everyone else can.”

Mikayla’s Voice® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded to include kids of all abilities, but our mission has taken on an even greater purpose over the years. All children should feel valued and welcome in their school and community ~ and understand that it’s their responsibility to help others to feel the same. Mikayla’s Voice challenges kids to create a kinder, more inclusive world where everyone has a friend.

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