Carbondale Area Art Classes Participate in the PennDOT “Paint the Plow” Program
Mrs. Mies' Art III and Art IV students participated in the PennDOT "Paint the Plow" program. Pictured left to right: Thomas Gray, Elyssa Shaw, Alyssa Hendrick, Gianna Gallo, Julia Gorel, Olivia Lorenzetti, Ashley Escott, Abigail Curtis, Corinne Haley, Aliza Ocasio, Margot Matoushek, and Vincent DePalma.

Carbondale Area Art Classes Participate in the PennDOT “Paint the Plow” Program


PennDOT invited students to participate in their Paint the Plow Program that extends to many other areas of the state including the high schools in all 6 counties near us to participate. The Paint the Plow Program is a way for PennDOT and the local community to cultivate public awareness and promote winter driving safety on state roadways. The high school students are invited to paint creative original artwork onto a PennDOT snowplow blade. This year’s theme invites the students to come up with a creative design that embodies the theme of “Put Down the Device in the snow and Ice”. The decorative blade has been hand painted and designed by Mrs. Pezzuti’s Art III & IV classes. The plow layout was designed by Senior Margot Matoushek and Senior Corinne Haley. The class’s design reflects Carbondale’s school individually as well as the overall winder safety theme. Carbondale’s community will have the ability to see the plow in use during the winter months during snow removal days on various roadways in the region of Carbondale.

“We originally had two different designs,” explained Margot Matoushek, referring to her design and Corinne’s. “We combined our designs since our art styles were so similar. It was really fun to create, especially when we started putting the characters on it.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Mies and her classes on a job well done.

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