Charger FBLA Students Excel in State Competition
The Carbondale Area 2024 Regional FBLA Champions are pictured left to right: Front Row: Matthew Serkosky, Olivia Lawler, Erika Hollis, Ella Casper, Molly Kelly, Riley Brennan, Taylor Corrigan, and Adrienne Title. Second Row: Alexander Mackey, Mason Nepa, William Murphy, Lyssa Durkin, Anna Pauswinski, and Zachary Tarchak. Missing from photo: Bryanne Lucas.

Charger FBLA Students Excel in State Competition


As with most things in Northeastern PA, the weather always plays a factor especially during the winter months. Due to the weather forecast, FBLA Region 22 was unable to hold their annual Regional Leadership Conference in person. Despite this, the members of Carbondale Area’s FBLA received the outstanding news that forty-eight Chargers have qualified for the state competition this year. The 2024 State Leadership Conference will be held at the Hershey Lodge in April. Some members will be required to complete another test assessment while attending SLC 24. Other members will be required to present on a topic related to the category they tested in. Congratulations to all state qualifiers and good luck competing at the next level!

1st Place (Regional Champions):

Erika Hollis- Banking and Financial Systems

Taylor Corrigan- Introduction to Business Concepts

Zacharay Tarchak- Introduction to Business Procedures

Riley Brennan, Lyssa Durkin, and Ana Pauswinski- Introduction to Event Planning

Ella Casper- Introduction to Information Technology

Molly Kelly- Networking Infrastructure

Alexander Mackey, William Murphy, Mason Nepa, Olivia Lawler and Matthew Serkosky- Parliamentary Procedure

Adrienne Titley- Personal Finance

Bryanne Lucas- Securities and Investments


2nd Place

Ava Peregrin- Advertising

Ian Dzielak- Entrepreneurship

Kylie Kelly- Health Care Administration

Ciara Martin- Human Resource Management

Gianna Perry- Introduction to Business Concepts

Leila Maldonado- Introduction to Business Procedures

Ashleigh Arnese, Maureen Newcomb, and Madelena Zaccone- Introduction to Event Planning

John Gorel- Introduction to Marketing Concepts

Eliana Connolly- Organizational Leadership

Abby Wall- Public Policy and Advocacy


3rd Place: 

Rylee Colonna and Angelica Prieto- Banking and Financial Systems

Scott Santos- Business Management

Abby Lynady- Help Desk

Aiden Mannis- Introduction to Information Technology

Emily Grover- Introduction to Marketing Concepts

Summer Young- Public Policy and Advocacy


4th Place: 

Juliette Racht and Max Rosler- Banking and Financial Systems

Elvira Marrero- Help Desk

Caden Brennan, Jocelyn Brown and Cosklo- International Business

Abigail Carachilo- Introduction to Business Concepts

Nico Laguzzi- Public Policy and Advocacy

Stephanie Baker- Securities and Investments

Saniya Henderson- UX Design


5th Place: 

Leila Esgro- Help Desk

Aurora Esgro- Introduction to Business Procedures

Evan Cerra- Introduction to Financial Math

Kaci Bannon- Organizational Leadership

“Last year, I was able to use my knowledge of parliamentary procedure gained by learning about the United States Congress and watching countless livestreams of C-SPAN to come back from a third place finish in my regionals competition and place #1 at the FBLA state competition in Intro to Parliamentary Procedures,” explained sophomore Mason Nepa. “This year, a group comprised of myself, William Murphy, Matthew Serkosky, Alexander Mackey, and Olivia Lawler practiced and studied to compete in our Parliamentary Procedure event where we placed first at our regional conference. I am very confident in my team’s ability to compete at the state conference, where we will be asked to present a case study simulation of a regular chapter meeting displaying the parliamentary skills we have learned about, and I am confident that we have what it takes to place at the next level.

Mason Nepa

“Last year, was my first time participating in FBLA. I decided to take my test in Banking and Financial Systems where I placed 1st in the region, with my partner Emma Monahan,” noted senior Erika Hollis. “We then took our test for states where we placed in the top 15 in our category. Over the summer, I began working at The Dime Bank in Carbondale working as a teller. In my time at the bank, I have learned different rules and regulations. When it came time to decide which category to be in this year, I instantly knew that I wanted to do Banking and Financial Systems again. Before taking my test, I was very prepared, from not only working at the bank but also studying. I was very happy to find out that I placed 1st in the region again this year. I am very confident that I will do well when it comes time to taking my test for states in April.”

Erika Hollis


“I’ve been competing in FBLA for four years,” stated senior Molly Kelly. “I have placed first every year, including this year. My first year I competed in Introduction to Business Communications. My sophomore year I competed in Introduction to Computer Problem Solving where I placed 1st in the region as well as 1st in the state, qualifying me for nationals. Nationals that year was held in Chicago and it was by far my favorite school trip I’ve been on and an overall great experience. For the past two years I have competed in Networking Infrastructure. Last year I placed first in both the region and state, and qualified for nationals again which was held in Atlanta, Georgia. I recently placed first in the region and am looking forward to the state competition held in Hershey. As president of the club, I am proud of all of the accomplishments we have made and am excited to see how our hard work pays off at states.”

Molly Kelly


Charger students who qualified for the 2024 State FBLA Competition are pictured left to right: Front Row: Leila Esgro, Eliana Connolly, Kaci Bannon, Jocelyn Brown, Caden Brennan, Megan Cosklo, Juliette Racht, Molly Kelly, Kylie Kelly, and Summer Young. Middle Row: Erika Hollis, Ashleigh Arnese, Maureen Newcomb, Abigail Carachilo, Ella Casper, Angelica Prieto, Elvira Marrero, Ava Peregrin, Ciara Martin, Riley Brennan, Taylor Corrigan, Leila Maldonado, and Adrienne Titley. Back Row: Madelena Zaccone, Aiden Mannis, Olivia Lawler, Emily Grover, Matthew Serkosky, Gianna Perry, Mason Nepa, Ian Dzielak, Alexander Mackey, Scott Santos, William Murphy, Evan Cerra, Abigail Wall, Lyssa Durkin, Anna Pauswinski, Aurora Esgro, and Zachary Tarchak. Missing from photo: Stephanie Baker, Rylee Colonna, John Gorel, Nico Laguzzi, Bryanne Lucas, Abby Lynady, and Max Rosler.


The Carbondale Area School District wishes these students the best of luck in the state competition! #CAProud

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