Carbondale Area Hosts Annual Powderpuff Game
The Junior and Senior classes from Carbondale Area raised $1,000 for breast cancer awareness and support of those who have it. The students are presenting the check to "Ladies in Pink." Pictured left to right: Front Row: Jocelyn Brown, Kylie Kelly, Megan Cosklo, Kierra Borosky, Rylee Colonna, Kaci Bannon, Juliette Racht, Caden Brennan, Audrey Cobb, Gianna Gallo, and Kaila Collins. Second Row: Savannah Rosar, Alayshia Williams, Saniya Henderson, Madison Heenan, Molly Kelly, Sadie Gardus, Malachi DeBarry, Oscar Martinez, Shauna Durst, Emma Monahan, Maddie Borders, Olivia Lorenzetti, and Alize Ocasio; Back Row (Standing): Ulric McKenzie, Jacob Berg, Max Rosler, Preston Casey, Dylan Ofner, Tyler Donato, Kyle Jones, Jimmy Gilia, Shane Herbert, Jorge Salcedo, Andrew Balderas, Jacob Ulmer, Nathaniel Cruz, Liam Shenise, Mikayla Jordan, Robert Constantine, Cameron Titley, Hailey Peterka, Matthew Totsky, Madison Kelsch, Julia Murphy, Josalyne Livingston, Brycen Kelly, Katelynn Ostrander, Jon Orta, Jimmy Iwanowski, Emilio Rodriguez, Justin Toy, Chase Arthur, Aaron Carney, Matthew Battle, Noah Kilmer, and Corinne Haley.

Carbondale Area Hosts Annual Powderpuff Game


On October 20th, Carbondale Area held its annual Powderpuff game in honor of those who had and who are currently battling breast cancer. During the school day, students were able to show their support to the cause by wearing their Powderpuff shirts, buying pink hair tinsel, tattoos, polaroids, and baked goods. The flag football game was kicked off with the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner by senior Nathanial Cruz followed by the Senior girls taking on the Junior girls in a battle for the win.

The Seniors began the evening with a trick play. This included Sophie Crozier having the ball snapped to her and while this was happening, she yelled to Justin Toy that the ball was “wrong.” This was all part of the plan because in the end, Sophie gained 70 unexplained yards with this trick play that no one saw coming. Coach Toy, at times resembling Bill Belichek of the New England Patriots, knew how to get the best out of his players. “There were no issues with our offense- I truly got the best out of our players. But our defensive game plan- let’s just say if we were to play this game again, I would have to call those plays, too.”

The excitement that kicked off the game was short lived because the Juniors answered with tailback Maddie Heenan. At times, it looked like the “Maddie Heenan Show” out there with her 10 carries for 220 yards and three scores. Making moves like New York Jets Running Back Breece Hall, she scorched the Senior defense en route to the victory. “These seniors really thought it was going to be close- they had a rude awakening. I carried the ball and my team.” Maddie seemed to be referring to her offensive line, who she has been frustrated with their performance throughout the season. It certainly did not show in the game, however.

In the end, it was the Juniors who pulled out the win with a score of 24-12 ending with Sadie Gardus’ game sealing pick 6 on 4th down for 80 yards. Gardus was quiet throughout the evening on defense, preventing quarterback Audrey Cobb from throwing to her side of the field. At times, Sadie resembled shutdown NFL corner “Sauce Gardner.” See any resemblance in those names? It is certainly not just a coincidence based on Sadie’s stellar defensive play on the field.

We can’t forget the halftime show put on by our Senior and Junior boys.  Ian Wormuth got some serious air in a basket toss thrown by the Junior boys. The only thing the Seniors won that night was the halftime show! How can you beat Timmy Mulhall playing his drum set upside down and an entourage of Senior boys doing flips, kicks, and splits? “Teaching the boys to cheer was definitely an experience, but as soon as Timmy got upside down to play the drums after our half time routine, I knew it was worth the seven weeks of screaming at the boys to pay attention to me as I tried to coach them,” explained Senior Cheer Coach Josalyne Livingston.

In an interview with the Red and Blue News, Senior Ashley Escott reported, “Even though the evening brought about a friendly competition between classes, in the end it is about bringing awareness to those who are in the fight of their lives against all cancers.” #FIGHTLIKEACHARGER

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