Carbondale Area Students Excel at Regional Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) Competition
Pictured left to right are the following PJAS members: Row 1- Jocelyn Brown, Kaci Bannon, Megan Cosklo, Juliette Racht, Rylie Toolan, Molly Kelly, and Kylie Kelly. Row 2- Jordan Berg, Joshua Berg, Julia Gorel, Audrey Cobb, Caden Brennan. Row 3- Jacob Berg, Olivia Lawler, Ella Casper, Caroline Homsher, Shauna Durst, Alexandria Rosar, and Ms. Jadick. Row 4- Matthew Serkosky, Aurora Esgro, Liliana Cerra, Olivia Ellinger, Maddie Zaccone, and Miss Masco. Row 5- Aiden Mannis, Maureen Newcomb, Gabriella Granville, Abby Carachilo, and Adrienne Titley. Row 6- Mason Nepa, Alexander Mackey, William Murphy, Stephanie Baker, and Caitlyn Burns.

Carbondale Area Students Excel at Regional Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) Competition


Miss Masco and Miss Jadick are proud to announce the following results from the 2023 Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Region 2 Awards which were held on Saturday, March 4 at Wilkes University. Thirty-three students represented Carbondale Area in the fields of behavioral psychology, biochemistry, botany, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth and space science, and physics. Seniors Audrey Cobb and Shauna Durst each were awarded four-year monetary scholarships to Penn State University and Kings College, respectively. Senior Julia Gorel was awarded the Directors Award, which is a one-time cash award. This individual award was open to all senior PJAS members. 

Overall, twenty-two first place awards were achieved, including three perfect scores, nine second place awards, and two third place awards. 

All first-place presentations will compete at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science State Competition at Penn State University in May. First places were awarded to: Alexandria Rosar, Caroline Homsher, Maddie Zaccone, Alexander Mackey, William Murphy, Olivia Lawler, Maureen Newcomb, Rylie Toolan, Kaci Bannon, Megan Cosklo- Perfect Score, Caden Brennan- Perfect Score, Jocelyn Brown, Shauna Durst, Audrey Cobb, Joshua Berg, Julia Gorel, Caitlyn Burns, Liliana Cerra, Molly Kelly- Perfect Score, Gabriella Granville, Stephanie Baker, and Kylie Kelly. Second places were awarded to: Olivia Ellinger, Aiden Mannis, Matthew Serkosky, Juliette Racht, Aurora Esgro, Abigail Carachilo, Jacob Berg, and Adrienne Titley. Third places were awarded to: Ella Casper and Jordan Berg.  

Pictured left to right are senior members of PJAS: Miss Samantha Masco, Advisor, Joshua Berg, Shauna Durst, Audrey Cobb, and Julia Gorel.

Congratulations to all PJAS members!  

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