Charger Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) Excels at Regional Competition
PJAS seniors are pictured left to right: Ms. Jadick, PJAS co-Advisor, Caden Brennan, Molly Kelly, Kylie Kelly, Megan Cosklo, Jocelyn Brown, Jacob Berg, and Ms. Masco, PJAS co-Advisor. Absent when photo was taken: Juliette Racht.

Charger Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) Excels at Regional Competition


Ms. Masco and Ms. Jadick are proud to announce the following results from Saturday’s (March 2) Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) Regional Competition. Over 450 students participated in the competition and as always, Carbondale Area students showed their excellence in the areas of Behavioral Science, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Physics, and Mathematics. Of the 37 students who competed, 22 students achieved First Place Awards and will be continuing on to the State competition at Penn State University in May. Additionally, 15 students placed second. Senior Jacob Berg was awarded a four-year cash scholarship to Penn State Worthington.

First Place Awards:
Claire Serkosky, Gabrielle Granville, Maureen Newcomb, Olivia Lawler, William Murphy, Alexander Mackey, Ella Casper, Elvira Morrero, Mason Nepa, Hong Tran, Caitlyn Burns, Rylie Toolan, Caden Brennan, Jocelyn Brown, Juliette Racht, Aiden Mannis, Maggie Perri, Abby Carachilo, Masie Bognatz, Kylie Kelly, Gabriella Gregory, and Jacob Berg

Second Place Awards:
Aryonna Castaneda, Stephanie Baker, Macey Loughney, Jordan Berg, Brooke Burns, Molly Kelly, Megan Cosklo, Matthew Serkosky, Madelena Zaccone, Aurora Esgro, Anna Pauswinski, Alyssa Cotter, Lyssa Durkin, Harang Granville, and Colt Calabro.
Pictured left to right: Kneeling: Gabriella Granville, Alyssa Cotter, Anna Pauswinski, Colt Calabro, Claire Serkosky, Masie Bognatz, Gabriella Gregory, Macey Loughney, Maggie Perri, Brooke Burns, and Harang Granville, and Jordan Berg. Standing: Ms. Mandy Jadick, co-Advisor, Stephanie Baker, Aryonna Castaneda, Caitlyn Burns, Hong Tran, Lyssa Durkin, Olivia Lawler, Maddie Zaccone, Maurie Newcomb, Elvira Morrero, Ella Casper, Caden Brennan, Molly Kelly, Kylie Kelly, Megan Cosklo, Rylie Toolan, Aiden Manis, Abby Carachilo, Alexander Makey, William Murphy, Mason Nepa, Matthew Serkosky, Aurora Esgro, Jacob Berg, and Ms. Samantha Masco, co-Advisor.



The Carbondale Area School Districts congratulates these students on their achievements and wishes the state qualifiers the best of luck in May!

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