Senior Internship Highlight: Ema Dobosh

Senior Internship Highlight: Ema Dobosh


Ema Dobosh is shining in her internship experience at Memorial Veterinary Hospital in Throop, PA.  Ema works mornings alongside Carbondale Area graduate Dr. Eric Wallis and staff at the office and has learned about animals of all shapes and sizes!  From surgically removing eyeballs, to fixing broken bones, reading radiographs and ultrasounds, she has gotten true firsthand experience on the day-to-day life of a veterinarian.  Ema says her favorite experiences so far have been communicating with clients about their pets’ wellness in routine annual appointments.  Dr. Wallis says, “It makes me smile and laugh every time Ema learns something wildly related to humans and animals, such as dogs getting cataract surgery.  Ema has been a pleasure to have here at MVH”.  Thank you to Dr. Wallis and his staff at Memorial Veterinary Hospital for providing such an amazing experience.  CA is proud to watch Ema grow and learn!

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